Robo Stir As Seen on TV


robostir2Robo Stir™ As Seen on TV is the amazing new kitchen tool that let's you stir your food and sauces automatically without having to stand over the stove. It stirs so you don't have to!  RoboStir works with any size pot or pan and is designed to cover every inch of the bottom of the pan.







RoboStir gives you the 3rd hand you need

Just push the button and it automatically starts stirring for you.  RoboStir lasts up to 4 hours. Give yourself a 3rd hand in the kitchen, allowing yourself to get 2 things done at one!  Robo Stir makes meal preparation a breeze. 



Stir Crazy is now Robo Stir


Robo Stir, previously known as Stir Crazy, is not available in stores and you can only get it online, so don't miss out! Buy 1 Get 1 Free Now for just $10 + FREE BONUS Scoop 'N Strain.


Everyone loves homemade gravy and sauces, but who wants to stand at the stove stirring constantly?   And if you happen to step away its all to easy to burn your food.   As endorsed by Anthony Sulivan, RoboStir does the stirring so you don't have to.  Get yourself that 3rd hand in the kitchen so you can prepare meals faster with Robo Stir!